Conducting a set of advertising campaigns and publicity events to promote the object on the real estate market.

Successful property transaction requires a whole complex of actions which can be carried out only by top-class specialists: from market researches and analyses, evaluation of the sale price, to targeted advertising campaign and promotion of the object.  

Your main goal is to sell your apartment (or other real estate object) at the highest possible price in the current market conditions. The agency will be guided by this very task. A true professional will not just find a buyer for you. He will find someone who will be ready to pay the maximum price. In addition, the client will have:

  1. A step-by-step work plan for the transaction.
  2. Agent’s reporting system to the client.
  3. Forecasted result.
  4. Individual approach from a personal professional.
  5. The maximum possible price of the apartment.
  6. Safety and transparency of monetary settlements.
  7. Control over cash flows.
  8. Protection of client’s interests in negotiations with all parties to the transaction.
  9. Well planned advertising campaign.
  10. Processing and analysis of responses of potential buyers.
  11. Instructions on preparation the object for selling.
  12. Instructions on the proper demeanor when demonstrating the object to potential buyers.
  13. Control of all stages of the transaction by the relevant specialists (agent, lawyer, manager, etc.)

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