Advice on choosing an insurance company and real estate insurance issues (apartment, house, cottage, building).

To successfully run your business you need many different factors combined. Security and confidence in the future have always been and will always be important. If you are provided with reliable insurance protection, then no trouble with the real estate will catch you flatfooted. Having insured the property you will always be ready to face adversity head on and to overcome any consequences at minimum expense of time, efforts and money.

Mortgage property insurance is one of the mandatory conditions for obtaining a loan in the bank.

“Savo-Montenegro”, “Lovčen osiguranje”, “Uniqo”, and other insurance companies cooperate with us in property insurance.

Sometimes we do not even think that something more serious can happen to our real estate than a decrease in its value in the housing market.

No one can be absolutely sure that the apartment will not be flooded by the neighbors, and nothing will happen to the house during the long winter season. Even if we exclude the human factor, we always remain dependent on the unpredictability of the natural element.

Traditionally, one of the most popular types of voluntary insurance is insurance of apartments, houses, and household property.

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