Preparation of a project plan document of any complexity.

Preparation of a project document is an important proceeding.  To a large extent, the prospects of further construction depends on it. It results in developing plans and estimates, describing building stacking plan and technical characteristics of the object sufficiently and adequately.

Professional development of a construction design of the project is in accordance with a code of legislatively regulated building norms and rules.

This kind of arrangement demands a high level of professionalism and mandatory availability of special certificates and licenses required for the implementation of such work. 

The circumstances listed above clearly prove the necessity of reference to the companies with big and long working experience in the sector for drafting of construction documents.

In the course of development of the necessary project documentation it is necessary to observe all result-oriented requirements. The result of the work is a set of documents that will allow the customer to get a complete picture of all the features of the construction to be built, including a consolidated schedule of construction and finishing works, detailed working instructions for the construction on the basis of the construction organization project, a section that includes drawings, schedules, etc. Once again, it should be noted that all parts of the design and working documentation must be in full compliance with current construction standards and regulations.

As a result of the project documentation development the following list of documents should be issued:

  • Explanatory note;
  • Design scheme of the site;
  • Architectural design;
  • Structural and building stacking plan;
  • Engineering and Technological solutions;
  • Project of the construction arrangement;
  • List of environmental protection measures;
  • Measures to ensure fire safety;
  • Measures to ensure access for disabled people;
  • Measures to ensure compliance with energy efficiency requirements and equipment of buildings and structures with energy metering devices;
  • Requirements to ensure safe operation of capital construction projects. Each section of the project documentation is carefully designed and subjected to additional scrutiny to ensure sound and accurate decisions.

Our customers are large and medium-sized companies. We are happy to undertake projects of any level of complexity.

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