Preparation, obtaining and registration of the full package of documents for the construction of the building, cottage, apartment complex, hotel and shopping malls

A building permit is a document that defines the ability of a person to implement an architectural project. It is issued by local governments, the same structures control the implementation of urban planning standards in the process of construction of the object. 

The building permit is one of the basic documents for the construction. This document is direct acknowledgement of the project conformity to available specifications and requirements of the urban plan, confirmation of the paid building tax and the paid connection to the city’s utilities systems… This document reflects the exact technical requirements for the proposed development or reconstruction of the building located on the construction site. The building permit also contains the standards that are mandatory for the construction of a new building. Violation of only one of these standards will result in the fact that you will not be able to register the building officially.

In order to get all the above documents on your own you need arm yourself with patience, as well as spend a lot of time. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare in advance for possible challenges, and at times for rejection to negotiate the draft. 

It is worth remembering that building a house is not only about erecting walls and partitions. One of the most important stages throughout the construction is the stage of obtaining all the necessary documents and certificates, so that in the future there will be no difficulties with the commissioning of the building, with the assignment of the residential status to the object, with the obtaining of the registration number. 

“Genesis” company has sufficient experience in obtaining technical specifications and construction permits in accordance with the urban development plan of the land plot. We are one of the few companies in Montenegro that is obliged to obtain these documents. We know all about the “pitfalls” that may waylay at this stage, we will help you overcome all the difficulties. Even in the most seemingly hopeless cases, we achieve the best results.

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