Preparation, receipt and registration of the full set of documents for the commissioning of the building, cottage, apartment complex, hotel and shopping malls.

Exploitation permit is a document certifying that activities concerning the construction, reconstruction, and heavy maintenance of facilities are in full accordance with the construction permit, compliance of the constructed, reconstructed and repaired facility with the town planning of the land plot and project documentation.

Properly prepared documents which are in accordance with the list defined by the city development plan are the key to obtaining a permit for commissioning within the period established by the law. 

We strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of professionals in the documentation preparation process.  It is not uncommon for an owner to rely on his or her own resources and, due to improperly prepared documents, to be involved in long-term litigation with local authorities. Professional approach, appropriately issued documents and the application allow receiving exploitation permit, which will eliminate possible problems in the process of the following stage of construction implementation, namely, registration in the state cadastre of real estate and registration of ownership.

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