The company "Genesis" provides high-quality accounting services for small and medium-size businesses.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of the information received from you and an individual approach. We will help you choose the required set of accounting services considering the needs of your business.

Having entrusted the accounting service to our specialists, you can be sure of timely submission of accounting and tax reporting. You save time, efforts, and money – we provide you with professional accounting support of your company. 

Audit service of accounting and reporting

The purpose of an audit of accounting and reporting of companies and individual entrepreneurs is to examine the financial statements of an entity. That is why accounting requires audits and a special audit opinion. According to the results of the audit, a report is drawn up, regarding whether the statements have been presented fairly and in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. Comments are confirmed by normative acts. Risks and problems that the company may face in case of errors are also described. 

The audit report usually contains special recommendations of our company professionals in order to eliminate the found violations and mistakes of accounting and prevent recurrences. The analysis of the audit of accounting and reporting results in the transfer of the audit report of your company. The head of any company is responsible for their activities, including the accounting of the company and tax obligations. The results of management activities largely depend on the level of control over the activities of individual services of the company, which is provided by the head of the company.

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