Preparation, obtaining and registration of the full package of documents for all types of real estate transactions

“Genesis” Legal Department provides comprehensive legal support to legal entities and individuals involved in real estate transactions.

The company offers: registration ownership of apartments, premises, land plots, legalization of real estate, conversion residential building to non-residential use, mortgage documents preparation.

Our specialists will consult you on any issue free of charge, perform legal expertise of the real estate object, collect and prepare the package of documents necessary for the transaction. If necessary, our specialists will represent your interests before the courts of law.

Verification of legal purity of the deal includes a complex of services related to the study of the legal history of the real estate (verification of the legality of previous transactions with the object, the validity of title documents, existing encumbrances, illegal constructions, reconstructions, etc.), as well as the identification of persons who can later challenge the legality of the transaction.

Full legal support of real estate transactions includes:

  • expertise of the documents submitted by the client;
  • provision of recommendations on elimination of revealed violations and discrepancies;
  • completing the package of documents for the registration authority, drawing up the necessary documents (contracts, statements, powers of attorney, acts, protocols);
  • development of preliminary agreements and contracts of sale, rent, donation, exchange, rent, mortgage and other documents.

Full complex of legal services on support and registration of the transaction includes:

  • assistance in provision of documents in various institutions;
  • tracking documents at all stages of registration;
  • legal expertise of legality of acquisition and possession of real estate;
  • advice and assistance on elimination of violations revealed in the course of registration and examination (existing encumbrances, discrepancy of the area, illegal construction, etc.);
  • informing about existing barriers in registering of property rights and assistance in overcoming them, as well as informing about potential problems in relationship of the parties, based on the content of the documents provided and the results of legal expertise;
  • assistance in registration of ownership rights for real estate.

In addition, the legal department of “Genesis” provides legal support to: 

  • procedures for obtaining (extending) a building permit (reconstruction);
  • commissioning of the facility;
  • conversion residential building to non-residential use; 
  • registration of land plots (surveying, division, cadastral registration, obtaining cadastral data, as well as transfer to another category and change of the type of permitted use), establishment of servitudes;
  • leasing of land plots, including construction on the basis of approved materials on preliminary approval of the location of the object;
  • settlement (within the legal framework) of issues related to unauthorized construction facilities.

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